What Our Clients Say

"We can say without any reservation that Everbest has always fulfilled the high quality standard of Mairdumont in terms of printing, binding and delivery. Project management and communication with all team members at Everbest is perfect."

Olaf Deconinck
Director of Process Management, Print & Purchasing, Mairdumont

"I'd received the advance copies, it was great to work with you guys. We like a lot your work and the book quality."

Francisco Méndez
Editor, Méndez Editores S.A de C., V, México.

"Wild Alberta at the Crossroads has won an Independent Publishers' Award at the BEA 2008 (Western Canada Region Non-fiction segment) - this award belongs in large measure to each of you, including Everbest."

Marian White
Owner/Publisher of Nature Watch World (Canada)

"We had our book launch last week. We have had a fantastic response regarding the quality of the book and how it looks. Just want to thank you both for such great service. As a company you were just so great to work with"

Yvonne Powley
Executive Officer, Auckland North Community and Development, New Zealand

"We've had nothing but the best comments - even an art critic from New York Times said it was one of the most beautiful books that came across her desk. I will be submitting this book for competitions/book awards on Art History."

Amanda Dotseth
Asst Curator at the Meadows Museum Philip Wilson Publishing, US

"We have received the advanced samples. We are happy with the printing and binding quality of all titles which are following the standard high quality as usual. The Beatles book is excellent since it is not so easy to print old images. This book achieves improved images and design style exceptionally. I suggest you to send for print award contest."

Hernan Maino
Owner, Origo Editiones